Saturday, February 6, 2010

Psalm 18:2c "The Horn"

Psalm 18:2c "He is my shield, the horn of my salvation..."

The horn was often sounded in battle. As the regiment of soldiers would march onto the battlefield the horns would announce their arrival. This is the horn of salvation...the sound of victory for it pertains to our redemption as Kingdom citizens. But just as God was shield he is also horn. It is God who sounds forth the victory blast. He has gathered his Bride militant, the horn is heard, we stand at attention and receive our marching orders. We move out apologetically in love.
The horn is also an allusion to the altar of incense. If a man had committed a crime he could flee to the altar and grab one of four horns and plead his case before the high priest and his accusers, thus escaping certain death. The greater reality points us forward to Christ who is God's horn. He is our Horn of Salvation. We flee to Christ and cling to him for our rescue, he being our High priest/lawyer who will deliberate our case and defend our cause. When the great accuser heaps accusations upon me I cling more closely to the Horn. For I know that it is here that I am acquitted and pardoned. And just as the altars horn was sprinkled in blood for remittance of sins offense, so too, do I need remittance as I cling to Jesus, my only hope in this world. I now wait and look to the sky and listen for that final trumpet blast which will cause everyone to look up and drop their mp3 and ipods and for some of you your walkman's. God will have the last note.

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