Thursday, February 18, 2010

Psalm 16:7b "Counsel by night"

"Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night." Psalm 16:7b

The Counselor is at work in the mind as the Great Professor teaches; laying out truth, training us to think Biblically, instructing in righteousness, building powers of discernment, line upon line, verse upon verse. Yes we walk by faith, but God deals diligently with the mind. This amazing counsel goes into the 'wee-hours' of the night. This in a sense is night-school. The mind tends to wander like a man lost in the desert, like a dog off its leash. The psalmist knows what its like to 'camp-out' in the night hours with his God. It is a time when all is quiet, silent, the world and all its noise/commotion have temporarily ceased, and it's just you and Him. There is sweet fellowship as the heart is captivated, the mind engaged as the God of the Universe gladly condescends to our lowly estate and begins to teach. The man who is born again enters into this high honor, this esteemed privilege, this glorious right. Omnipotent God training his children to walk in his way. A tender Father rearing his own to love, fear, obey, speak, act, listen. We have pitched our tents with him, the fire is lit, truth illumines the darkness. The effects of light are seen and felt. He whispers truths that are wonderful and awesome. Just as Moses went to the rock, seeing the burning bush, we too can go to the Rock where the eternal verities blaze forth in giant power. He proclaims it in our hearts that we might proclaim Him to the world. Let us stay awake just a little longer today that he may instruct us in the night. Let us learn by way of nocturnal instruction so that when we do wake up we are refreshed for the days challenges.

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