Friday, February 5, 2010

Psalm 18:1 "Love and strength"

"I love you O'Lord my strength"Psalm 18:1

The affections of the heart well up and spill out in beautiful statements. If you love someone you tell them. The psalmist is not ashamed. Its a private love that makes itself public. The strength of this statement finds its energy in the strength of God. The psalmist would not even be able to voice his love unless God had granted the strength. There is strength in love-true genuine biblical love. Christ Jesus reflected both strength and love. In his strength he lived a life without sin in perfect obedience to the Father. In his strength he calmed a storm; transformed water into wine; multiplied bread and fish for thousands; he cast out devils; brought sight to the blind and regenerated the lame; he raised the dead. He proclaimed the most powerful message the world has ever heard and his words have not lost a single drop of there power. In his passion/suffering he exuded the most strength as he held back legions of angels from worldwide retribution; he overcame sin, Satan, death. In his strength he rose from the grave by resurrection power and now he sits at the right hand throne of power ruling the cosmos in power. In blazing glory he will come again with the title deed to the earth and renovate the real estate and in this power create a new heaven and earth. He does this for all those who can and have said, "I love you O' Lord my strength." Only the Spirit can cause man to speak this in his heart and to have it upon his lips. This is a declaration from heaven. This is extraterrestial love, a supernatural affinity. It doesn't find its origin in the will of man. Only when God overcomes our resistance to the Gospel and renovates the heart can man truly love God. We behold his strength and speak tenderly.

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