Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Psalm 16:11a "The Path of Life"

"You will make known to me the path of life." Psalm 16:11a

There are some things in scripture which God has sealed and man is not permitted to know until the appointed time. There are other things that God makes known, or plain. By nature God is a disclosure of truth, he's a revealer of revelation. This is part of his plan for his people- that they might know, not just facts, but within the facts the self-disclosure of Himself. One of those facts is that God makes known the path of Life. It's the path of life that leads to the giver of life. The path that has been established is laid with the precepts of sand, the statues of gravel, the commands of stone, the laws of design. This path leads through a fallen world and that is why it is often fraught with dangers, illness, persecutions. Those who stay the course are not guaranteed that they won't be scaved but they are assured that they will meet their destination.

Man naturally tends to think that in his better judgment he can find it on his own. These same people believe that they decide truth for themselves and whatever path you construct, whatever trail you blaze is equally valid and equally true. This path is laden with a worldview-beliefs and opinions that form the reason for their existence and their reason for living. These captains-of-self feel (passionately) that if you just look inside and tap into your inner spirituality that you will arrive at correct conclusions about life, the world, and others etc... all the answers are inside you, and you have to draw them out through some mystical process or living by some kind of moral code. Most people will quote the borrowed "golden rule"or "10 commandments" as the standard norms for mankind to follow; but as adamant as they are to follow these supreme standards they are not concerned with any of Gods other imperatives or for that matter any of the indicatives from which the imperatives are drawn out from. This position is actually prideful and arrogant. To think that truth rises and falls with you, a finite mortal creature. In your superior wisdom your actually telling the Creator of the Cosmos how he should have done it.

Jesus had something to say to these constructicons. He said there was 2 paths-one narrow, and one wide. As you notice that the word 'path' is singular not plural 'paths.' The narrow one leads to life, the other to destruction. He said there actually is a wrong road to travel down, a path that lead to a dead end. Talk about narrow-mindedness. But if its the truth than your narrow-minded to the truth. You've extended your borders to expand beyond the limits of theological rationality which is irrational and theologically dangerous. Hells boundaries are wide and to expand your ideas beyond there proper limits is to move into dark territory and to invite others to join you, not to mention the damming confusion it causes.
The answers are external, outside of you, top-down, Heaven to earth. The phenomenal realm breaking into the nomenal realm. The truth of Gods word applied to the heart of man, the conscience affirming this truth. The external word becoming internalized by the enabelment of the Spirit's free work of grace. Now the path of life begins to unfold. The path is shown, the way is offered, but to the sinner turned saint it is revealed to him and is lit by the lamp of God. As we traverse this dark world God sets us on his path and lights our way. If the path is singular than all other paths are wrong. It's Gods way or no way. This path is exclusive, one entry point, one way. The path that leads to death, is called 'easy street', 'death Dr', it's an eight lane highway, no speed limits, no rules- unfortunately it narrows to a dead end in an eternal jam.
To be on the path of life is to follow Jesus Christ. This was the path that the Savior traveled. Ultimately it took him to the cross but it lead to resurrection victory. The body is not promised a injury free journey, but we assured that this path leads to unending joy forever.

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