Saturday, February 6, 2010

Psalm 18:2b "The shield"

"The Lord is my shield..."

The Lord is my shield. He has given me defensive weaponry and capabilities to fend off the foe. This is no ordinary shield. It is not crafted by the hands of man but designed in the Heavens. It is gilded with a spiritual alloy that makes it impenetrable. It is made for heavy warfare and can withstand the fiery dart by day or by night. Hells ramparts are no match against the shield. There is an inscription upon its edge, "The Lord is my defense." When the battle is heavy and the smoke thick I can take shelter under Gods shield. I sit there and smile. God not only gives the weaponry but He himself is the weaponry. God works both sides of our field in offense and defense. The shield looks as if it glowing red metal for it has been dipped in Calvary's blood and was purchased for his elect children. The under belly also has writing upon, "Fear not, be strong and courageous. Just as it was a reminder to Joshua the commander of the Lords army, so too it reminds a simple soldier. Even as I sit under my shield when all hell breaks loose Gods word is above me, reminding, comforting, protecting, defending.
Many years ago Jesus became our shield. He deflected the wrath of the Father. My minature man made shield could not expunge Gods fury, but when Gods grace came He covered me with His Son, His shield. I sit under Christ and surely if he could deflect holy justice, he can protect me from any onslaught.

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