Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Psalm 15:1b "Walk, Work, and Word"

"He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart." Psalm 15:1b

The answer to 15:1a is given in 1b. O' Lord who may abide/live in Your tent? Who may dwell on Your holy hill?"

When you enter into college typically there are prerequisites that must be accomplished before you can move on into a program. These classes are necessary before he next phase of your education can be tackled. Likewise, there are certain qualification that man must meet in order for him to move on to the next phase and finally reach his goal. The goal- the tent, the holy hill.

God answers: The 1st prerequisite is that he must walk with integrity. God is concerned with the walk of man. This is an integral part of his character development. He is a man of his word, he does what he says he will do and people know that he will do it. People can rely on him and they know that his word is his bond. He has a fixed determination because he understands that his character is at stake and he doesn't want to mare that. Gods man takes it one step further, he knows that his God is always on display and his integrity reflects God in the world. He desires to adorn the Gospel through his walk of integrity. His walk is steady and consistent even when no one is watching. He does not alter his step, either in his work, family, or ministry; in which he seeks to be industrious, frugal, on time, and even tempered etc...

The 2nd prerequisite is that he works righteousness. This man is employed by God. He is created unto good works and seeks to fulfill the works that have been apportioned to him before the foundation of the world. As an adopted son of the king his righteous deeds are no longer filthy rags, but foreordained predestined works that rise up as a fragrant sacrifice of praise. He is a righteous worker working for righteousness for the One who is all-together righteous. He is known for his good deeds and he gives all praise to Him who works this in him to do according to His will.

The 3rd prerequisite is that he speaks truth in his heart. He is a truth speaker. Notice, It is first in his heart before it ever crosses his lips. The truth first circumnavigates his heart like an captain on the high seas before it reaches the shore of his lips. Or just as each chamber of the bees honeycomb is filled with honey so is truth in the heart before it is cracked open and spills out. Truth does good to this mans heart. The heart needs it, longs for it, survives on it. Gods Word has entered into the fray and is directing the traffic. Truth is bubbling on the inside and it orders the heart. Truth enters in and causes the lips to aligned with the heart. Truth pulsating like a quasar till it flashes forth like a glowing asteroid in the mind showing forth its consistency as it runs its course.

The tragedy is that we flunked out, we failed to meet the standards to this degree. We've cheated and are caught. We've used the rubber ruler of our own standards. We've designed the test and have received and failing grade. The great news is that Christ fulfilled all the prerequisites for us, and has given us of Himself, the Holy Spirit who is our power. So now we have the ability to walk, speak, and work in a way that pleases and glorifies God.

Jesus is the model: He walked in perfect integrity. He said, "which of you can convict me of sin?"; Pilate said of him, "I find no fault with this man." In all his dealings with man he always shone forth the highest level of integrity. He is the greatest worker of righteousness the world has ever seen-'par excel lance.' And he spoke truth in his heart for this is all that ever came out of him. The question is answered by the work of Christ as he now works those things in us. As a result our tent is sure, the stakes are secured, the holy hill awaits our step, the King awaits our arrival. Then we will thank him for His walk, work, and word.

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