Sunday, February 7, 2010

Psalm 18:19b "The delighted rescue."

"He rescued me, because he delighted in me." Psalm 18:19b

He rescued me. I was a spiritual POW. Born into this captivity, this bondage. In my sin I nurtured and created my own captors. I invested in my own chains. I employed those who would run my self-contained prison. The iron bands which bind me I have smelted in the fires of rebellion. The dark dungeon of depravity became my home, my asylum. Then one night lights shadows danced off the cold walls and grace broke through. In a flash of light all my restraints turned to dust and I fled. I began to run and with my freedom I felt something I never felt before, I believe it was joy. Then I saw Him, my Liberator, my Emancipator shining as the noon day sun, illuminating my world. He rescued me.
Now He continues to rescue me because He delights in me. These are daily extractions from hostile situations and deadly environments. Why does He delight in me? Is it delight for delight sake? Does God want to be delighted because he is lacking in delight? No. He is eternally delighted in himself and has no need or lack in delight. Is this delight conditional based on my performance and obedience? No. The delight that God has is not contingent based on conditions met in us, but solely based on the conditions met in himself. He fulfilled the conditions of the Law through Christ Jesus. Therefore, this delight is guaranteed to us who belong to Christ. And as the Father delights in His Son, so He delights in us who are in Him. Because of Christ victory He can look upon all His people with heavenly delight.

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