Sunday, February 7, 2010

"I stand"

(My wife asked me to write on this simple statement that she read about in a book by Paul Tripp called "Broken Down House")

I stand: because He left Heaven, became a man, lived a perfect life, fulfilled the law, died and was buried, rose again on the third day, and ascended to the Father. He came to make men stand. His dissension was the beginnings of our ascension.
We are a fallen race. Adams decision brought us down. We were down in the dumps, beaten with sin, ravaged by Satan, playing in the sewer system of the world. We were down. Down without God, down without hope, down without peace, down without a leg to stand upon, down in death valley, down in wrath warranted, down in judgment deserved, down in man made pride. We were awaiting our final destination were we would go down to the depths of the pit. There is a 'downess' in us. Down on others, down on ourselves, down on our government, down on our teachers, down on our employers, down on our spouses and children. We are down and outers.
Christ Jesus comes and lifts me up from the pit of despair and makes me stand upon solid rock. My legs were too lame, but he made me stand. Sin had broken down my house and the Spirit of grace swooped in and renovated and redecorated it. I stand. The only way that anyone can ever truly stand is if he bows the knee to Christ in repentance. Brokenness is prerequisite to your standing. The knee must be bent before it can be straightened. I now stand. Standing with assurance of salvation, standing with the guarantee of His presence, standing with promises, standing with the hope for eternity. I now stand side by side with the mighty throng of saints of a by-gone era and saints who are still alive. I even stand with Gods elect angels who daily attend Gods temple. I stand in the building of God as a stone, grafted into a community of standers. I look forward to the Day when I will stand with the whole Heavenly Host and worship Jesus. Better to stand now by grace in the Kingdom of Light than to later be bent with a shattered knee in eternal gloom. The Spirit worketh this in his children.

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